In the UK there is a relatively large amount of regulation, partly driven by UK Parliament and partly through E.U. policy and regulations. We provide you with our business-ready, RegTech document compliance software designed for Microsoft environments, whether on premise or in the cloud. Our Orchestra Read and Comply™ software solution provides you with an immediate and effective solution to monitor and report in real-time on your people complying with policy documents you issue to them and for which they sign to say they have read and complied. Alongside this we offer a much wider array of parallel governance services to assist you in driving a compliant organisation. All our compliance products are ready to deploy so that you can start driving greater levels of compliance within days, whichever sector you are in.

About the Orchestra Suite

Orchestra is a secure, Microsoft Cloud based platform designed for regulatory services based around document compliance which reduces paper- based workloads, risks and costs for today’s professionals. A number of interconnected services are included which work together to drive employee adherence to policy and standards, as well as providing a way of demonstrating the level of compliance achieved at any point in time. Built on the Office 365 and Azure platforms, Orchestra exploits Microsoft compliance services as well as our own unique document compliance solutions.

document compliance suite

Why you need it

Is your organisation fully compliant and can you demonstrate that it is if requested? Regulatory compliance is increasingly complex, time consuming and expensive to achieve. Regulatory fines can be high and the impact of bad publicity negative on organisation reputation and growth. Irrespective of the fear of fines, proactive organisations are looking for ways of driving compliance easily, efficiently and in a cost-effective way. Orchestra is one important step you can easily take to support your regulatory compliance goals. All organisations are exposed to risk of failure to be compliant and this has many potential negative outcomes. The role of ownership in an organisation may be formalised such as through the Company Secretary or a Regulatory and Compliance Director. However in many organisations this post is yet to be formalised and as such may fall to a range of other roles including the following: HR Managers, Risk Managers, Compliance Managers, Purchasing Managers, Contract Managers, Finance Managers, Facility Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Operation Managers and even the CEO.


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