Organisations moving to the Microsoft Cloud and leveraging Office 365 may seek to place regulatory compliance at the heart of a fresh, new digital workplace for all employees and agents to engage with effectively. The RegTech Company offers its clients the ultimate, scalable, flexible compliance workplace solution: Orchestra Compliance Workplace.

Whilst still retaining all the benefits of Orchestra Read & Comply, Orchestra Human Resources and the enhanced Orchestra Compliance Plus products, we combine these with a range of enhanced hubs, branded for your organisation, linked by our very clever and unique, intuitive Compass navigation system which you will find nowhere else. Collaboration, compliance content publication and communication have now grown up.


Provide your people with the means to harness the very best of your corporate information and communicate to numerous audiences with ease, whilst retaining regulatory compliance at the heart of your operations. If this sounds like the kind of solution that will benefit your organisation then get in touch as we have what you are looking for.

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