Our Orchestra compliance product suite is designed specifically to support regulatory people compliance in the workplace, anywhere in the world. You simply need to add your content to start gaining immediate benefits.  You gain a proven regulatory people compliance solution for your organisation quickly. If you are facing a compliance audit and need to act quickly or demonstrate you have employee compliance tools in situ, this is what you are looking for.

Here are some of the many solution features we have included (depending on which of our Orchestra products you select) which will assist you in meeting increased regulatory compliance demands. Orchestra products are installed in days into the Microsoft cloud and are business designed and ready, straight out of the box.

Simplicity makes it possible for you to get online and get communicating and publishing your compliance, policy and standards documents quickly. Orchestra is designed to ensure that happens.

With Orchestra, you can scale out and extend your Regulatory hub however you require with extra pages, lists, add-ins and other rich content.

◾Publish with Ease
If you can create a document, you can master publishing and managing your regulatory content easily. You can manage compliance document versions and document history, publish to employee audiences, generate reports, upload video training materials and publish regulatory news articles in minutes.

◾Publishing Tools
Orchestra makes it easy for you to manage your content, documents and news posts. Create document drafts, schedule publication, and view your revisions and version histories.

◾Employee Audience Management
Not everyone requires the same access to the same regulatory documents. Publish a list of documents to a variety of chosen audiences so that each group comply with those standards and procedures that apply to their roles

◾Built-in Knowledge Base
Orchestra includes a knowledge hub to help employees engage with your regulatory content. Add knowledge forums per regulation, standard or policy and help retain in-house knowledge to build up a historical, searchable archive over time.

◾Search Engine Optimized
Orchestra offers its own optimized search engine (Orchestra Compliance Workplace), designed to assist employees locate the latest published regulatory content with ease. For those already with an Office 365 digital workplace, Orchestra will integrate with existing search services with ease.

Orchestra is able to store and publish documents in many languages. For a multi-national, culturally diverse or global organisation the publication of regulatory documents in a variety of language versions may prove critical.

Orchestra includes our own uniquely easy-to-use Compass navigation so that your people can find regulatory content fast.

◾Your Regulatory Content
Orchestra is designed to store and publish your regulatory content to your employee audiences. Our platform will feel like your own tailored regulatory solution as soon as you start to upload your own documents, announcements, news and content.

◾Regulatory Training Using Multimedia
Media-savvy employees learn far faster from video than from reading vast, lengthy documents. This is why Orchestra includes a YouTube-style internal media hub for the storage of regulatory and training content. You can upload what you require, create named video channels and then present the multimedia content alongside documents to be read, all wish ease.

◾Future Proofing
Orchestra is designed for Microsoft Office 365. This means that your regulatory solution will work in a continuously evolving digital world whilst being fully compatible with the very latest browsers and mobile technology.

◾Custom Branding
Orchestra is offered with a neutral branding theme and can be updated to meet your own organisational colour theme, images and logos.

◾Extend with Apps
Microsoft offers an online app-store with many plugins. Your regulatory hub can expand to meet additional business requirements at a future time.

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